wanderlust: a desire to travel,
to understand one's very existence.



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  1. Hello, I am looking for a Faberry fanfic where a badass Rachel moves from NYC to live with Shelby in Lima and her Dads are vey rich but don’t spend anytime with her. Thanks

  2. Help me.

    I’m looking for a faberry fanfic where Quinn and Rachel are exchanging letter without knowing it is each other they are writing too. And Rachel calls Quinn “Quints” and Quinn calls Rachel “Smalls”

  3. I am trying to find this Faberry fanfic and can’t remember the name and am hoping it wasn’t deleted.

    The story has Quinn and Rachel living together and pretending to be in love in NYC. It follows them as they eventually fall in love and has them getting married. Quinn eventually becomes Rachel’s agent.

    Help me!

  5. this was my childhood

    this was my childhood

  6. "Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music."
    — Ronald Reagan
  7. 10 years. never forget.

    10 years. never forget.

  8. photo wallpaper

    photo wallpaper

    (Source: whataboutzana)

  10. can this just go ahead and happen already?

    can this just go ahead and happen already?

  12. "every saint has a past….every sinner has a future"
  15. galaxy shoes.

    galaxy shoes.